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———- Greg Moore ————————————————————————————

We are always so impressed by the creativity, quality, and price of Waterford Signs with all of our business signage and promotional needs. We have been in business for 35 years and we have not found any company that can compare to Waterford Signs. Tim and his team are top notch professionals, full of business wisdom, Insite and acumen.

———- Jennifer @ Columbus Awning Company ——————————————–

Just want to personally thank you for being a supplier to us.  I enjoy working with you guys.  We have worked out the bugs etc.  I think you and your staff are wonderful.  Your pricing is honest, you are easy to work with, and thank you!
Columbus Awning Company
225 E Broadway C
Westerville, Ohio 43081
Cell:  614-323-4479


———- Bethany  @ Edwards Communities ———————————————————-

Tim and the rest of the crew at Waterford have never disappointed me. I am thankful to have found a company that cares about my bottom line enough to
discuss options with me, make suggestions, or even just hear out my crazy ideas. I have used Waterford for everything from business cards to large
banners to unit id signs, and have had nothing but exceptional results and customer service. I highly recommend them to others and value the working relationship I have established with Tim over the years.

———- Stephanie @ Council for Older Adults  —————————————————–

Waterford Signs always does GREAT work for us! Tim is very thorough and does every job correctly the first time. His prices are good, and we appreciate the quality of their work.

———- Joe @ Grady Memorial Hospital —————————————————————-

Since the day this company has come to Grady, they have been giving very good,prompt service. Tim and Scott are very courteous. Highly recommend this company!

———- Brad @ Delaware Bible Church  ——————————————————————–

Waterford Signs provides a great service for an affordable price. The completion time for projects is always prompt and Tim and his team have always done a great job working through and completing the “odd ball” projects that we have. I’m very impressed by the work of Waterford Printing and highly recommend them.

———- Donna @ Travis Twin Team ——————————————————————–

Quality products that will last.  Waterford will work with you to get your needs met.

———- Joe B ————————————————————————————————

I brought in a painting hoping to have some copies made.  I was thrilled with the results.

———- Buffy @ Central Ohio Symphony ———————————————————–

My last minute effort was met with patience and instant action.  Your personal service is much appreciated.  Thank You!

———- Daun @ Gibson the Florist ——————————————————————

We have had Waterford Signs do signs on 4 of our shop vans and also do a banner for the front of our ship.  I have always been very pleased with their work and the price is great

———- Mike @ Tri-County Lawn & Landscape ——————————————————-

Bought magnetic door signs from a competitor because they were cheaper.They did not last or look nearly so nice.

———- Keith @  McWherter Petroleum —————————————————————

 Professional, efficient and a great value! As always, well done Waterford.

– – – – – – –   See What Phil Had to Say   – – – – – – –

When it comes to custom signs, I always prefer to deal with someone that has my best interests in mind. It is practically impossible to know what you are actually getting when you buy online. As a small business owner, I would spend upwards of an hour looking online for the lowest cost. I would intentionally search for “cheap banners”, “cheap signs” and “cheap lawn signs”!   Then I would spend another hour or two on those sites trying to use their complicated (and very limited) design tools and ordering systems. Eventually, I would just throw in the towel and order a terribly-designed sign because i did not want to spend any more of my time on it. So I would cough up the extra cash to have them shipped to me. Three weeks later, I had my signs and they were definitely “cheap signs”. Flimsy, crooked, terrible colors, low resolution and yes…..even spelled wrong. The website told me that they would gladly let me go through the whole process again, AND that I would have to pay full price for a replacement set of signs. No thank you. I’ve learned my lesson about internet signage companies and even so-called wholesale signs & banners companies. They’re in it for volume, not to help my business.

I was in a pinch and needed help one day and that’s when I discovered Waterford signs. Tim Moore helped me out with a car decal I had purchased off the internet. He didn’t flinch when I confessed to him that I couldn’t put it on my car; instead, he grabbed a tool kit marked for “car lettering” and went outside and installed my lettering.

Here’s the thing. No Internet or wholesale outfit would ever do that for me. So I started talking to Tim and realized that he was a long-term business owner and knew more about marketing than me.

We went back in and I started noticing Tim’s showroom walls. Office signage, custom wooden signs, restaurant signage, no soliciting signs, restroom signs, garage signs, birthday banners, and graduation banners. He had all the workplace signs, car lettering and coroplast yard signs. Even magnetic van signs for my business, and all sorts of custom plastic signs – you know the engraved kind.

Inside his shop I noticed all the machines to print banners, signs, vinyl wall lettering and even a computer-controlled sign engraving machine.

It soon became clear to me that Tim also knew the marketing behind signs. He can tell you which no smoking signs to print and why. He can tell you how big to make your custom signs and where to put them to get traffic into your business. He can tell you what to say on your signs to promote your benefits and not your features.

I started using Waterford Signs for my business. I’ve used them for Trade Show Exhibits, printing business cards. And I’ve used his graphics designer, Scott too. These guys are pros.

So if you have a sign or printing project, Go to the sign marketing experts. Even if you need wedding signs, welcome home banners or golf signs, Waterford Signs is the only place I will use from now on.  Use Waterford Signs and you’ll be glad you did.

Phil – Delaware, OH

If you would like to leave your testimonial for others to read please ==>